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The John Audino Football Camps are an exceptional experience in a state-of-the-art football stadium, which boasts the highest quality fieldturf (same as Gillette Stadium), along with LED lighting and a brand new weight room. 

Each Camp has its own unique philosophy:

Air Assault / KBQB

Focuses on the individual skill position teaching.  Based on the passing principles of the college and pro game.  Great detail will be taught in regards to reads and conversions by the offensive skill players and coverages by the defensive players along with individual techniques for man, zone and combo coverages. 

Youth Camp:

An individual all-position, full pads, full contact teaching camp concentrating on the fundamentals and techniques of each position on offense and defense, including the O and D line positions. The youth camp will introduce the young players to the game of football.  Its primary focus is to teach the basics - including: teaching alignment, keys, position and group drills, tackling, blocking, pass-catching and the nuances of each position, which will be highly individualized by the staff. 

Women's Flag Camp:

A new program beginning in 2024.  Audino Camps is pleased to offer our first season of Women's Flag Football Camp.  This camp will focus on technique and teaching fundamentals of the women's flag game.  The camp includes both individualized instruction, group work and organized flag games.

Camp Coaches

One unique and revered staple of the John Audino Football Camps is it's coaches.  Camp coaches will include former NFL athletes, AFL athletes, college and high school coaches of the highest caliber.  Camps will include individualized teaching by these phenomenal and dedicated coaches.  Coach to player ratios range from 5:1 to 10:1 in some instances, yielding ideal teaching situations for player participants.

Each participant will receive a FREE camp t-shirt!

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